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One Step Fitness is located at 1201 E. Bell St. in Bloomington, IL.  We offer Kickboxing and Mixed Martial Arts classes as well as personal training.

One Step Fitness is not just a great way to lose weight and inches, but will help you add definition and muscle, and will even teach you self defense techniques.  Boxing and kickboxing is taught at an intense level but is attainable for persons of all fitness levels.   If you are looking for a challenge, and are ready to get in the best shape of your life, come in and try our workout which is based off of Chris Tickle’s personal training routine that prepares him for his professional fights.  There is no personal contact during the workout.  All you will need for class is a pair of boxing gloves and a strong mind set to get you through the toughest and most rewarding work out you will ever do!  At One Step Fitness we all work out together; men and women, each pushing one another to succeed.  All we ask is that you keep an open mind and do the “best you can” and we will deliver results.  We are proud to have families come in and workout together, mothers and sons, husbands and wives; it truly is a great bonding experience. 

Class Schedule

Mon. - Fri. 4:30, 5:30
Tues./Thurs. 12:00

Sat. 1:00

Fight Team/MMA Training
Mon. Wed.

Jiu Jitsu
Tues. Thurs.  6:30


Monthly Rates

$50 (M-F)

MMA/Fight Team

Kickboxing+Jiu Jitsu


Single Class Rates

Kickboxing $8
Saturday Class $5
Jiu Jitsu $8
MMA $8
Personal Training $15/hh











A man once asked me, "Why are you the best fighter here?".  I replied, "I've never doubted that I wasn't the best"

That man was Dana White from the UFC.

Chris Tickle
Fighter and Head Trainer

 For more information contact Chris Tickle at
(309) 287-5991


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One Step Fitness 1201 E. Bell, Bloomington, IL E-mail: badboytickle@hotmail.com
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